EDEN - Rock + Roll

6 years ago

  • EDEN - Rock + Rolln» Spotify: bit.ly/CloudKidSpotifyn» Snapchat: cldkidnn(Scroll Down for Lyrics) nnTour: ftrbnd.co/tourniTunes: ftrbnd.co/ityttmom-dnSpotify: ftrbnd.co/ityttmoms-dnGooglePlay: ftrbnd.co/ityttmomgp-dnn~~~~~~~» Quote of the day «~~~~~~~nn"Music is a safe kind of high."n-- Jimi Hendrix nnShare your quotes with me in the comment section with #cloudquotenn~~~~~~~» EDEN «~~~~~~~nnSoundcloud: soundcloud.com/iamedennFacebook: www.facebook.com/iamedennTwitter: twitter.com/iamedennInstagram: www.instagram.com/iameden/nManagement: mgmt@mcmxcv.eunn~~~~~~~» Cloudkid «~~~~~~~n nTwitter: twitter.com/CloudKidMusicnSoundcloud: soundcloud.com/cloudkidnFacebook: www.facebook.com/cloudkidpromotion/nInstagram: instagram.com/cldkidnSnapchat: @cldkidnnWant your track on CloudKid? It's easy! Contact me on my YouTube or message me at: CloudKidOfficial@gmail.comnn~~~~~~~» The image used «~~~~~~~nnImage produced by Cloudkid. All rights to the used image belong to Cloudkid. nFor more information please send an Email to: CloudKidOfficial@gmail.comnn~~~~~~~» Lyrics«~~~~~~~nnso tell me this is who you arenthey tell me ive got something morenand oh you could be lovednbut i dont want the lights to find me when im dark and lostnbut never on my ownnncos i just wanna swing like sinatransinging like i cant stopncos i could never rock like a rolling stoneni just wanna live like the ones beforenand maybe i could play guitar like hendrixnor save the world or end itnand then maybe youll remember me when im gonenthats all i could ever wantnthats all i wantnnso i got ten minutes to be all or nothing tonwhoever wants to hearnand i got ten weeks of talking bullshit on repeat till im burnt out and disappearnbut i owe you nothingnand i own my lucknoh they said youll never be alone againnbut i dont think you understand me or what i fearnbut you could be lovednbut i dont want to lie to tell myselfnim more than all the mistakes ive out runnncos im only here for a minutenand i dont care what you say cos i knownyoure only here cos im winningnbut i can be my own kind of rock and roll likeni dont really care if you say you dont fuck with menand i can say what the fuck i want cos its down to menand i got love for you even if you are doubting menlike oh my god i just cant stopnncos i just wanna sing like sinatranwith ethanol my soundtrackncos i could never rock like a rolling stoneni wonder how it feels to burn out youngncos i just wanna die before my heart failsnfrom heartbreak or cocktails andnthen maybe youll cry once you know im gonenthats all i could ever wantnoh thats all i wantnncos i aint scared of livingni aint scared of livingnno i aint scared of livingncos its all weve gotnwhat are we breathing for if we aint livingnand i dont want your loveni just want to feel like im still livingnand if there is no godnill know the day i die i lived through heavennand that i gave it hellnand if it hurt oh well at least thats livingnnthats all i wantnnsex drugs and rock and roll thats all i wantnwhats under the words you know thats all i wantnsomething more than superficial is all i wantnsex drugs and rock and roll thats all i want

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