• This video was taken from The Village Church's Night of Worship on January 23, an annual event where all campuses gather together to celebrate and worship God for who He is and what He has done in Jesus Christ.nnBeautynBy Isaac WimberleynnI have spent a large majority of my life looking at paintingsnMoments of time and segments of the universe captured on different shapes and sizes of canvasnI become mesmerized by the subtle stroke of the brushnThe way the artist so delicately depicts areas and aspects to scalenTo the point that my heart feels a sudden rushnAs if I could reach my hand out and touch every last detailnAs if this was a dreamnCaught up in the scenenI find my heart slipping further and further into lovennThis is a story of my bentnI prefer shadowsnnThis is not a conscious decision that I resolved to makenTo be honest, images are just easier for me to takenEasily digested, I could chew all daynAnd eventually be able to wrap my mind around what the picture is trying to saynnSo I starenI stare deeply into the deepest point of the portraitnThinking that the pain of this world around me will somehow let gonHoping that somehow this paradigm will satisfy my soulnnBut I end up emptynI end up thirstynLonging for a drinknAnd once again I return, crawling to Your feetnBroken, ashamed, desperate for reliefnI have chased creation to its end and wound up on my kneesnBegging for forgiveness while hoping You can’t see menBecause I know the truth about mennI know that You have delivered for my every neednBut I also know that as soon as You give me manna, I start demanding meatnI know that You have been my Protector through pain and suffering nBut I also know how quickly my heart asks where You are as soon as I can’t see the path beneath my feetnnSo don’t look at menI can’t stand the sight of menSo how can You, in Your infinite glory, allow me to be in Your presence? nnYet You nWith a voice that calms the sea of anxiety in my soulnTell me to look upnAnd Your eyesnThat see right through menTell me that You knew menAnd I behold You in all Your beautynAnd I’m satisfiednA heart that has constantly tried to find its purpose in everything else in life finally resides at restnnBecause Your beauty is much more than infatuationnYour beauty provides my soul with satiation nBeauty that transcends to give Your children definitionnFor in Your presence I can clearly see that I’m not defined by my sinsnMy life is not marked by my bentsnBecause when I look into Your face the world grows strangely dim nAnd I fall innnYou’re all that I seenAll that I knownA son returning to his Father and a Father meeting him on the roadnWelcoming me homenAnd before I can utter the words “I’m sorry”nYou tell me that You already knownnYou know menThe real menThe me that I’ve been both chasing and running away from my entire lifenSo scared that if you were to cut me open with a knifenThat disgust and darkness would be the color I would bleednAnd that You would be embarrassed that You chose to ransom mennYet that’s the me You knownThat’s the me You lovennSo I give upnI give innAnd I extend my broken, desperate, calloused skin to touch the edge of Your robenAnd even just the fringes brings healing to my soulnFor what seems like the first time in my life I see You as beautifulnWholly, completely enoughnNo longer am I staring at empty promises painted on pointless portraitsnBut instead I’m peering into pure lovennYou are better than the things that I’ve been chasingnYou are beautifulnYou are my joy in the trials that I am facingnYou are beautifulnPeace to my storm, stronger than my addictionnHelp in my time of need, comfort in my afflictionnYou are beautifulnAnd You will forever bennSo fix my eyes to consistently see nCause my mind to constantly thinknGive my heart a new song to singnFill my lungs so that they always breathenYounFor You are beautifuln

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