❤︎3 Hours Relaxing Chinese Music Bamboo Flute Very Soothing ❤︎

  • I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (www.youtube.com/editor) Creative CommonsnnRelaxing Bamboo Music and Tranquil sounds of ChinanChinese meditation relaxing music will help you relieve stress and help with sleep.nnchinese bamboo music free download,nchinese bamboo music download,nchinese bamboo music youtube,nchinese bamboo flute music download,nchinese bamboo music,nchinese silk and bamboo music,nbeautiful chinese music - bamboo flute mp3 free download,nchinese bamboo flute music instrumental,nnThe Relaxation Lounge Proudly Presents –nThe Relaxation lounge Is The Leader In Relaxing Music, Sleep Music, Study Music, Relaxing piano Music, Sounds Of The Ocean, Relaxing Nature Sounds, Spa And Music For Massage and Relaxing Ambient Space Music.nnI Compose My Instrumental Relaxation Music Which Is Designed To Help And Enhance Relaxation, Sleep or StudynThe Use Of Binaural Beats Delta Waves, Theta And Alpha Waves Will Naturally Stimulate The Mind Into A State Of RelaxationnnMy Popular Relaxing Music Videos On You Tube Includes -nnRelaxation MusicnMy Relaxation Music Is The Perfect Choice For Buddhist Meditation, Zen Meditation, Japanese And Indian MeditationnSome Of The Benefits Of This Type Of Music Include Cleansing Chakras, Opening Your Third Eye And Transcendental Meditation.nnRelaxing Piano Music nMy Relaxing Piano Music Has For Years Been My Best Selling CDsnI Put My Whole Heart And Soul Into My Playing And Production.nI Hope That you Enjoy Them As Much As I Enjoy Recording Them, My Relaxing Piano Music Is Ideal For Studying, Sleep And Stress, Anxiety Release.nMy Relaxing Piano Music In Some Videos IS Often Set Against A Background Ambience Of Water, Ocean Or Nature Sounds.nnRelaxing Nature Sounds nThese Relaxing Sounds Are Recorded By Myself With A Zoom Portable Recorder (Where Possible) and Is Mixed And Mastered In My Home Studio. I Enjoy Recording These Nature Sounds And Have Many Happy Memories Recording Them. They Include Such Videos As Relaxing Ocean Sounds, Relaxing River Sounds, Relaxing Bird Sounds, Relaxing Forest Ambience, Relaxing Cricket Sounds, Relaxing Owl Sounds To Mention Just A Few.nnSpace Sounds nI Would Love To Say I Record These Sounds Myself But Unfortunately I Do Not Have Access To A SpaceCraft !nMany Of The Sounds Are Recorded Using My Vast Collection Of Modular Synths And Vsts. I also Use Nasa Space Sounds And Remix Them. I Then Add Binaural Beats To Help With The Natural Relaxation Process.nHere Are Some Of My Most Popular Relaxation You Tube Videos –nnnHere Is Some Of My Most Popular Relaxing Piano Music –nnnHere Is Some Of My Most Popular Relaxing Nature Sounds Videos –nnRelaxing Spa Music With Beautiful Nature Sounds Instrumentalnwww.youtube.com/watch?v=ylmdpn9e6IYnnnNightingale Sounds Of Naturenwww.youtube.com/watch?v=vZb-OvxileYnnnThe Best Relaxing Piano Musicnwww.youtube.com/watch?v=asr4aKi4P6cnnLucid Dreaming Ambient Space Soundsnwww.youtube.com/watch?v=HIQRBkIIofU

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