• * 90s Electronic Music Genres (main genres without subgenres & hybrids) * Bonus (1) Techno & Rave Subgenre n* Extra Bonus 00s / 10s Electronic Music Genres nnn- TECHNO n- RAVE n- DRUM AND BASS n- DISCO n- ELECTRO n- HOUSE n- GARAGE n- TRIP HOP n- AMBIENT n- TRANCE n- BIG BEAT n- HARDCORE (RAVE) n- HANDS UP TECHNO (TECHNO) n- DUBSTEP n- EDM n- TRAP nnnnnTECHNO nDigital Boy - Crossover (Extended Mix) (1993) nnRAVE nUltra Sonic - Let The Bass Drum Go (180mph Remix) (1996) nnDRUM AND BASS nTowa Tei feat Kylie Minogue - GBI (German Bold Italic) (Rekut - Krust Remix) (1998) nnDISCO nGlam - Hell's Party (Original 12) (1993) nnELECTRO nMr. Oizo - Flat Beat (1999) nnHOUSE nLa Bouche - Fallin' In Love (Frank's House Mix) (1995) nnGARAGE nY Tribe - Enough Is Enough (Dubaholics Dub Mix) (1999) nnTRIP HOP nCJ Bolland feat Jade 4U - Sugar Is Sweeter (1996) nnAMBIENT nKenny Larkin - My Travels (1994) nnTRANCE nFrank T. Wallace - Sarajevo (Extended Mix) (1996) nnBIG BEAT nThe Charlatans UK - Nine Acre Dust (Chemical Brothers Remix) (1995) nnHARDCORE (RAVE) nDJ Pagan - Fear Is Born (1996) nnHANDS UP TECHNO (TECHNO) nDJ Yanny Pres. Terraformer - Won't Forget These Days (DJ Digress 2nd Rmx) (2003) nnDUBSTEP nTomba - Kneeyan (2012) nnEDM nKesha - C'mon (Cosmic Dawn Club Mix) (2013) nnTRAP nDJ JW - Beat Real Loud (2013) nnnnnnnELECTRONIC MUSIC GENRES & SUBGENRES ☼ nwww.youtube.com/watch?v=keF-gRZfxMM

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