Electricity Class 10 Science - Solve Electric Motor, Flemings Left Hand Rule Numericals Questions

  • Vedantu Online Classes Master Teacher Abhishek Sir is an expert in Class 10 Science (Physics) for CBSE Board exam. Abhishek Sir explains some really awesome tricks to solve questions on Ohm's Law, Magnetic Field, Electric Motor, Electromagnetic Induction and Electric Potential.nnLearn Live Online for FREE, with the Best Teachers across India @ vdnt.in/2WiZannAbhishek Sir has the immensely long list of techniques to make you grasp the toughest concepts of Fleming's Left-hand Rule, Electric generator, Circuit Diagram, Right Hand Thumb Rule, Magnetic Effects of Current and Resistors in Series. Elaborate examples have been discussed to clarify the doubts on Heating effects of electricity, Resistors in Parallel, Domestic Circuits, Force on a current Carrying conductor, Power Electronics, and Electricity Questions.nnAbhishek Sir is discussing the following topics :nn 1.Magnetic Fieldn2. Force On A Current Carrying Conductorn3. Fleming's Left-Hand Rulen4. Electric Motorn5. Electricityn6. Magnetic Effects Of Electric Currentn7. Electric Current And Circuitn8. Electric Potential And Potential Differencen9. Circuit Diagramn10. Ohm’s Lawn11. Resistance Of A Conductor Dependsn12. Resistance Of A System Of Resistorsn13. Resistors In Seriesn14. Resistors In Paralleln15. Heating Effect Of Electric Currentn16. Applications Of Heating Effect Of Electric Currentn17. Electric Powern18. Magnetic Field And Field Linesn19. Magnetic Field Due To A Currentn20. Right-hand Thumb Rulen21. Electromagnetic Inductionn22. Electric Generatorn23. Domestic Electric CircuitsnnVedantu - Your Personal Tutor Onlinenn- Enjoy taking an impeccable edge over other students, embedded by constant revision, thorough guidance over any topic.n- Get an instant resolution to all your underlying doubts, all by just a quick registration to our impressive live sessions.n- Our Exam modules, guiding you towards an enjoyable venture for Competitive Exams Preparation, as never before.n- Our belief in prioritizing all the topics and sub-topics can get the things easier and less time taking.

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