Foundation Test (NCERT, Polity)-2; Question-1-15 (Part-1)

  • #PrelimsTestSeries2019, #RausIAS, #UPSC nnRau's IAS Prelims Test Series 2019 is designed in an incremental approach for the preliminary exam 2019. The objective of the test series is to help the students how to convert knowledge from UPSC relevant sources to evaluation benchmark for testing. Solution of each question is designed to help the test takers to:nna) understand why the question has been selected for the test.nnb) know the academic inputs required to answer the question &nnc) learn the approach to answer the questions.nn nnRau’s IAS Prelims Test Series 2019 is divided into three sections:nna) Foundation Testsnnb) Thematic Test andnnc) Full Length Testsnn nnTests will comprehensively cover all relevant topics and current affairs from the UPSC prelims perspective. There will be 37 tests in the test series.nnWe believe that once you have attempted the test series and plugged the gaps in the knowledge, you shall be in a position to clear the prelims exam 2019 with ease.nn nnTo enrol for the Rau’s IAS prelims Test Series-2019: know more about the Rau’s IAS: us on facebook:

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