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    Like sunshine, burgers and a stiff drink, we can all pretty much agree that music is a big deal to people. Without getting too Schopenhauer up in this piece, the artists at Tendril are very keen on the interplay of sound and image in creating emotions and moods. We knew that 15 seconds would not be enough time to tell a complex story, but plenty to give people a taste of the stream-of-consciousness psychedelia that sprung from our imaginations as Michael Franti's groovy tunes jolted through the airwaves. Guru cats that split anime lazer beams out of a third eye? Yes please. We hope you enjoy.
    Client: Rdio
    Production Company: Blacklist
    Executive Producer: Andrew Linsk
    Director: Tendril
    Creative Directors: Alexandre Torres, Chris Bahry
    Executive Producer: Kate Bate
    Producer: Anne Deslauriers
    Art Direction: Luis Campos
    Cell Animation: Harry Teitelman, Luis Campos
    Additional Animation: Leo Mateus, Guilherme Pereira
    Illustrations: Rodrigo Rezende

    Category : Music

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