Latin Music Reaction FIRST TIME!!!

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    Music in this video
    Song: HP
    Artist: Maluma
    Song: Otro Trago ft. Dare
    Artist: Sech
    Song: Ni Bien Ni Mal
    Artist: Bad Bunny
    This video:
    Evan and Alice React to latin music videos for her first time.
    Evan Isabell is a musician, student and creator. He is living in Ames, Iowa where he is getting ready for his next adventure, a year of Chinese language studies. Evan combines his experiences, skills and passions all together to explain what he is passionate about. He is completing his BA in World Languages and Cultures (Spanish) as well as a minor in Chinese. He plans on perusing a MA in linguistics at (TBT University). Evan is passionate about documenting his life and sharing it for friends and family and his future self.
    More about Evan:
    Instagram: @evanbroski
    Snapchat: @evanbroski
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